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The Band

Westenra are a Melodic Gothic Rock band from Whitby, UK who straddle the line of Goth, Alternative Rock & Metal. Luciferia (vocals), Karl (guitar) and Dominique (bass) create dark & emotional, yet uplifting & danceable songs.

"Westenra are a band that I see as a pillar of the modern UK dark scene, comparatively new as they are, they're doing the hard work, putting the graft in, and so deserve to be thought of as such...Atmospheric & articulate, dark, driving & very very danceable"  Lebs Fiasco, Top Of The Goths (Feb 2024)

Since exploding onto the UK goth scene in 2019 ::WESTENRA:: have been building a reputation for captivating live performances of their stylish and atmospheric sound. Their debut album “First Light” was released in January 2021 to rave reviews, followed by a cover version of the Cliff Richard classic “Devil Woman” in March 2022 - a taster for the new, bigger sound featured on the four track EP  “BREATHE” which was released in July 2022.  Their version of Iron Maiden’s “Number of The Beast” - originally meant as an exclusive live performance to celebrate their headlining the Whitby Krampus Run Ball - was released in February 2023, with proceeds going to the Whitby Krampus Run chosen charities.

May 2022 saw Whitby Abbey invite the band to perform within its grounds as part of their celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the novel Dracula - this generated substantial national and international exposure for the band, with the area that they performed in front of now known as “The ::WESTENRA:: Arches”.

2023 was another exciting year for ::WESTENRA:: as they released the "Toxic Little Tales" EP ahead of playing the prestigious TOMORROW’S GHOSTS FESTIVAL in Whitby in October, with gothic rock superstars THE MISSION and post-punk legends THEATRE OF HATE.

In 2024, Westenra are currently working on their next studio Album. The band are looking to expand further around the UK as well as setting their sights to perform in Europe and beyond.

Luciferia - Vocalist in Westenra

Luciferia - Vocals

Equipment: Sennheiser G3 835 wireless mic and two 18 inch black stage fans so I don't melt wearing PVC!

Favourite WESTENRA song: "They Don't Know"

Favourite bands: Halestorm, Dorothy, Diamante, Lord of the Lost, Blutengel, The Pretty Reckless, Combichrist, Faun, The Trials of Cato, Night Club, Lady Gaga, Priest, Within Temptation.

My music taste is a very wide and varied mix of Gothic, Rock, Metal, Electro-Industrial, EBM, Dance Pop and Medieval Folk.

Favourite books: F**k it: Do what you love by John c. Parkin,

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins but I don't really read much fiction, give me non-fictional books on personal development and psychology anyday,

Favourite films: The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Pitch Perfect, Van Helsing, The Addams Family, Kiki's Delivery Service, Period Dramas, The Mummy (1999-2001).


Historical period you would visit in a Time Machine: 

Victorian, for the fashion and the furniture!

Karl - Guitarist in Westenra

Karl - Guitars

Equipment: Various, I have a bad case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome! I like to customise and tweak my guitars, changing the pickups and other parts to get the sounds I want. I find different guitars inspire different ideas and help to stop me falling into a creative rut. I use (mostly customised) a Gretsch 5125 hollowbody, Fender (jap) 62 Telecaster, Squier (Jap) Stratocaster, Epiphone gothic Explorer, Charvel and Schecter Superstrats and Yamaha acoustics (so far!). Assorted analogue and digital effects pedals. Session, Blackstar and Marshall amps. Ernie Ball strings, Dunlop picks - But it's a constantly evolving thing!

Favourite WESTENRA song: "They Don't Know"

Favourite bands: The Birthday Massacre, Fields of the Nephilim, The Pretty Reckless, Bella Morte, Halestorm, Lord of the Lost, Night Club. I tend to listen to lots of tracks by various different bands rather than albums in their entirety and I also listen to and play quite alot of blues, metal, country, rock, american gothic and rockabilly.

Favourite books: I mostly read magazines and non-fiction, history etc. But I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan - and of the Jeremy Brett TV series. I also liked The Brenda and Effie series by Paul Magrs and Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror and the following series by Chris Priestley. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson still makes me laugh.

Favourite films: Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Addams Family,

Hot Fuzz, The Longest Day, My Neighbour Totoro, Paddington 2, Kelly's Heroes, Dispicable Me, The Lost Boys.

Historical period you would visit in a Time Machine: 

Definitely Victorian.

Dominique - Bassist in Westenra

Dominique - Bass

Equipment: Ibanez BTB700DX bass; Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI; Zoom B1on multi-effects; Ernie Ball strings.

Favourite WESTENRA song: “The Last Beat of Our Hearts” - it was a song born alone in darkness but transformed with the band into one of eternal hope.

Favourite bands: Fields of The Nephilim; Siouxsie & The Banshees; Dead Can Dance; Rammstein; Cradle of Filth, All My Thorns.

Favourite books: I don’t get much time to read….

Favourite films: Near Dark; Star Wars; Batman (Tim Burton); X-Men.

Historical period you would visit in a Time Machine: Ancient Egypt - so magical and exotic.

The inscription that you would like to have on your tombstone: “She looked like Patricia Morrison and sounded like Tony Pettit” - even though I could never do either LOL

Westenra Toxic Little Tales Press Banner



  • “First Light” - October 2019

  • “The Last Beat of Our Hearts” - February 2020

  • “Devil Woman” - March 2022

  • “Number of The Beast” - February 2023

  • "Like a Bomb" - September 2023



  • “First Light” - January 2021



  • “B R E A T H E” - July 2022

  • "Toxic Little Tales" - October 2023



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